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AIDS : Causes and Cure
C. ChidambaranathanI. Jenitta Mary
“AIDS” covers the outcome of AIDS in the society. The health seeking behaviour of the AIDS affected people and community participation is analysed in this book. Moreover, AIDS and its impact on society, children, its prevalence and overview are discussed ..more

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Health and Welfare in India
C. ChidambaranathanI. Jenitta Mary
“Health and Welfare in India” deals with the contemporary health issues of various aspects of our nation in a critical manner. It covers the key facet of the health of Indian society. The book contains health problems and welfare measures. It discusses the health of women, children, transgender, prisoners, tribal and others. It also correlates the health problem and welfare as a remedial one for it. It analyses impact of food, environment, sanitary condition, stress and using modern equipments on health. It tries to find the causes of health problem, present condition of health and its welfare measure to promote the health of the people in our cou8ntry. In this regard the book has multiplicity by its nature. So it will help the health personnel, students, researchers, administrators, and other persons to know the contemporary health issues of India in a brief as well as qualitative way. The present book is an attempt towards enlighting and awaking students and general readers to understand the health and its welfare. It will be useful to policy makers, criminologist, sociologist, NGOs, child welfare organizations, health experts, research scholars and students in the field of social sciences and humanities and all those interested in the related study. ..more

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Adolescent Girls: Awareness, Rights and Reproductive Health
D. K. NarangN. ChhabraK. Koradia
The basic approach of this book has been shaped by our own research, professional and personal experience as teachers and researchers. We aimed for a text that includes complexities of adolescent age intervention which will be relevant and useful in bridging a gap between theory and research on adolescent’s lives. Proper knowledge imparted during adolescent age has positive impact on the adolescent’s development than at any other time in life. It is imperative to maximize both the amount and quality of knowledge that adolescents receive which will ensure a strong foundation for future learning. The text approaches adolescents as a comprehensive, integrated experience, one that takes place through their perception rather than through a formal adult directed approach. The need for parents, caretakers, teachers, who can integrate nature and education, using adolescent’s knowledge and perception as the integrators is also highlighted. The text focuses on the awareness needs of adolescents for their reproductive health. Expanded and updated discussions on the sexual issues, rights, current research studies on the impact of intervention on the knowledge and perception have been dealt. The intervention package is prepared which is suitable to the immediate environment, culture, education and age of adolescent girls. It can be useful for training of health workers, teachers and participation of parents. In addition, the content of book highlights the interacting contribution of biology to the development of adolescent girls, explains how the intervention process helps adolescents to utilize reproductive rights for their well being. ..more

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Essentials of Biochemistry
Nisha Khalsa
This book offers a concise yet comprehensive coverage of basic fundamental and application of Biochemistry to the Medical Sciences. It covers curriculum recommended by Medical Council of India (MCI) and Dental Council (DCI) for MBBS and BDS students. The book is extremely useful to students of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Veterinary, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology and other health sciences who are studying Biochemistry as basic subject. Salient Features - • The Book is written in a lucid and interesting manner to make it more student friendly, in easy to understand style. • It has an appealing format and is systematically organized into different sections. The illustrations are lively and text has appropriate headings highlighting the key points. • It provides updated information and advances in metabolism and genetic engineering including molecular basis of genetic diseases. • The book includes topics of recent interest like Recombinant DNA technology, Gene therapy, Free radicals and antioxidants, as well as burning global medical problems such as AIDS, Cancer Hypercholesterolemia, Obesity, Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes Mellitus etc. ..more

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P. C. Trivedi
Nanobiotechnology is defined as a field that applies the nanoscale principles and techniques to understand and transform biosystems and which uses biological principles and materials to create new devices and systems integrated from the nonoscale. Nanotechnology provides great hopes in various areas like Health Care, Electronics, Information technology, Bioinformatics, Cosmetics, Food additives etc. Nanobiotechnology is clearly a very broad and interdisciplinary area of research and development. This technology is expected to revolutionize the industry and life style of the people during the current decade, just as computer did in the earlier decades. The present book “Nanobiotechnology” incorporates articles on various facets of nanobiotechnolog. This volume contains articles covering latest information on the subject viz. Nanoparticles; Nanotechnology: where small thing is big; Nanobiotechnology: Prospects and challenges; Nanobiotechnology: A burgeoning discipline; Development of protein nanotechnology; Nanotechnology in medical research and Nanotechnology in drug designing. Article on Functional genomics using microarray have added to the value of the book. Each chapter provides extensive and recent information on the selected topic with definite conclusion & future prospects. This book provide adequate background and current information on Nanobiotechnology and its application. It will be very useful for a variety of scholars, biotechnologists, medical doctors, researchers, teachers and students in the field of nanotechnology. ..more

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Medical Biotechnology
P. C. Trivedi
Biotechnology has proved a boon for medical science in several ways. Be it in enhancing immunity against diseases, or in providing genetically improved treatment for ailments, biotechnology has become an inseparable part of the medical world. Medical biotechnology applications include Gene therapy, Development of vaccines, Skin grafting, DNA fingerprinting, Gene profiling, Pharmacogenomics, Pre-natal diagnosis of inherited diseases, Biophrmaceuticals (insulin, somatostatin, interferons), Fertility control and Stem cells and their applications. The present book “Medical Biotechnology” incorporates reviews and research articles on varied aspects of Medical biotechnology. This book contains 14 chapters incorporating recent development in the subject. Detailed information is given on the topics – Stem cells: A gift for life; Cryopreservation of mammalian cells : A boon to Biotechnology; Bioartificial organs of the future; Cancer, phytocompounds and plant tissue culture; Human Genome Sequence: Scope for Genomic analysis using bioinformatics approaches. Other articles includes-Mitochondrial dysfunction in human; Emerging trends in assisted reproductive technology and their outcomes; Non-tuberculous mycobacteria and Recent biotechnological advances in immunoathogenesis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Book cover articles on DNA microarray: Basic technology and application in medical research; Protein sequence analysis and characterization using insilico methods; Gnome analysis for drug designing and Biotechnology & IPR. Article on Biotechnology of Extremophiles: Haloarchae have added value to the book. This book will be useful to researchers, teachers and students of Biotechnology, Medical Science, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology and for the biotechnology industry people at large. ..more

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Molecular Cell Biology, 2 Vols.
Mousumi Debnath
Molecular cell biology concentrates on the macromolecules and reactions studied by biochemist, the processes described by cell biologist and the gene control pathways identified by the molecular biologist and geneticist. The term “Cell” implies to a living entity wherein biological processes involve molecules that can form complex biological structures, organelles, membranes, tissues and organs. These structure interact via molecules that re present in the organism due to expression of information residing in the genetic material .The fine structure and function of the cell and its organelles, mechanism of gene function and regulation of gene expression and metabolic network of molecular interaction that keep the cellular machine going are some of the burning issues. This book introduces to the basic concepts of molecular cell biology as well as discusses the exciting advances in the field. This book starts with the building blocks of life, the cells and molecules that constitute the unity of living system. The importance of structural, functional and biochemical aspects of cells in biological organization, the basic molecular genetic mechanism and, how they function are also included in the book. Traditional as well as advanced technology like Chromosome painting using FISH and GISH that helps our understanding of gene control during development and disease states has been discussed in details. Significant advances in understanding phenomenon like transport of nutrients, ions and macromolecules across membranes, function of targeting protein, cytoskeleton cell motility, molecular mechanism of cell cycle, differentiation and cell death, cell signaling and developmental biology are some of the topics of focus. At the end, various characteristics and techniques for cell cultures and cell line development are discussed, The purpose of this book is to answer the questions arising in the minds of the young students, researcher and scientist in the field of cell and molecular biology at the same time summarize the current happenings in this field. ..more

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Parasitic Zoonoses 2ND Edition
Veer Singh Rathore
This book has been written for students of medical, veterinary, basic and allied sciences and others interested in the management of parasitic zoonotic diseases with necessary information on the understanding of the disease, prevention and control. Special emphasis has been laid on recent epidemiology, diagnosis, life cycle, symptoms, prevention and control of zoonotic diseases of parasitic origin. The contents include :- Introduction, Epidemiology of Parasitic Zoonoses, Diagnosis of Parasitic Zoonoses, Prevention and Control of Parasitic Zoonoses, Zoonoses caused by Trematodes, Zoonoses caused by Cestodes, Zoonoses caused by Nematodes, Zoonoses caused by Protozoans, Zoonoses caused by Arthropods ..more

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Toxicology :The Science of Poisons
S. C. Dwivedi
Many existing excellent reference volumes deal with the harmful effects of chemicals and present the subject of toxicology as an indexed compilation of individual agents in which the biologic effects are separately described.This book deals with the subject of toxicology as a basic science and considers the toxicity of individual chemical agents only in regard to their use as example. This volume addresses itself to the identification and assessment of toxic agents in various ecosystems providing a comprehensive and upto date information of the field. Timely and authoritative, this book will provide the specialists with valuable original data and the generalist with an excellent overview of the field. This book devotes chapters on toxicological monitoring, ochratoxicosis, in vitro toxicity bioassay, genotoxic potential, risk and benefits of pesticides use, xenobiotic induced behavioural aspects, pest resistance, speciation and biomagnification of toxic agents, and many other related aspects. It is useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Zoology, Botany, Environment, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Toxicology, Veterinary Science, Health Science, Nursing, Forensic Science and other related fields. ..more

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Advances in Reproductive Toxicology
S. C. JoshiA. S. Ansari
This book is a compilation of 22 chapters by distinguished scientists in the field of reproductive toxicology and reproductive health and offers a research-oriented approach to reproductive toxicologists. The aim of the book is to put researchers engaged in different areas of research on a common platform so as to be benefited by the current state of knowledge in the field of reproductive toxicology. In order to review the explosion of scientific knowledge and progress made during recent years, the contributions were intended to cover five relevant frontline areas, that is, heavy metals, pesticides and chemical toxicants, environmental factors, plant products, and reproductive health. In the field of heavy metals, the topics on reproductive toxicity, environmental and occupational hazards of mercury, beryllium, chromium, lead, manganese and their complexes, zinc and cadmium have been included. In the field of pesticides and toxicants, carbamate pesticides, various pesticides, bisphenol, dimethoate, chemical agents, etc. have been included. Besides these, in other areas oestrogenic potency of some dietary phytoestrogen, regulation of fertility by plant products, gossypol, male infertility, birth control technologies for female, male infertility, hormonal and biochemical changes of toxicants and radiation responses have been included. ..more

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Diagnostic Parasitology
V. S. RathoreY. S. Sengar
DIAGNOSTIC Parasitology occupies a premier position among Biomedical Sciences. Prompt and accurate diagnosis of parasitic infection enables timely treatment and advocation of effective control measures. From a relatively simple faecal sample/blood smear/skin scrapings examination to state-of-the-art molecular biochemical techniques are employed in the diagnosis of parasitosis. The present book would serve as a ready reckoner for diagnosis. The contents are well laid out and include: · Examination of Faeces; · Faecal Culture; · Preparation of Parasites for Examination; · Examination of Blood; · Examination of Urine, Nasal Discharge, Sputum and Lachrymal Fluid; · Diagnostic Methods in Arthropods; · Biopsy; · Necropsy; · Preparation of Tissues for Parasitic Examination; · Micrometry; · Scale Drawing and Camera Lucida; · Immuno-diagnosis; · Molecular Diagnosis; · Other Diagnostic Adjuncts; and · Bibliography and Index ..more

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B. Singh
Immunology is truly a fascinating discipline that meets the challenge and offers an opportunity to fight and check the spread of several diseases. It got recognition as a science in 1880 when the world witnessed a spate of progress brought about by the work of Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch. This pioneering work established the role of cellular components of the blood in destroying disease-causing organisms. Indeed, even the pathogenesis of autoimmune and other immunogenic diseases depends on humoral antibodies to some extent, while some are caused by cell-mediated reactions. Health care today not only means advances in therapy, but also requires accurate, sensitive, specific, quick and cost effective diagnostic systems. This book has been organised into 22 chapters arranged in logical sequence that will help in comprehending the concepts of this ever-expanding field. The chapters are as follows: · Immune System: An Introduction · Immunological Cells · Lymphatic System · Antibodies: Types, Structure and Functions · Antigen-Antibody Interaction · Cell-mediated Reactions · Immunity Regulation and Development · Immunity Evolution · Immunity Against Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Parasites · Complement · Hypersensitivity · Immune System Development and Tolerance · Transplantation and Autoimmunity · Immunology of Cancer · Stimulation of Immune Responses · Agglutination and Precipitation · The Evolution of Diversity · The Role of Different Cells in Antibody Responses · Immunisation and Vaccines · Monoclonal Antibodies · Cytokinins and Cytotoxic Cells · Blood Flow and Inflammation ..more

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Nutritional Disorders and Community Health
Padmini GuptaRuchi Thakkar
SINCE time immemorial, man has lived in the lap of nature. He has drawn sustenance fromfruits, vegetables and roots. When he fell ill, he turned to Mother Nature for remedy and relief. Nutritional disorders have a pronounced effect on the health of the community. Although micronutrient deficiency does not produce hunger, it gnaws at the core of health. Most of its consequences are not really perceived; like an iceberg, its bulk lies beneath the surface. Even problems like blindness and cretinism, a grave form of mental retardation, seem to be unrelated to diet to most people. That is why deficiency of iodine micronutrients is called " hidden hunger" and extraordinary efforts should be made to tap all available channels to drag iodine deficiency disorders into the open to make it more visible as an issue at the political level and empower families with the preventive knowledge they need. Deficiency in iodine jeopardises children's mental health and often their lives. This starts even before birth; serious iodine deficiency during pregnancy may result in still births, abortions and congenital abnormalities such as cretinism. This book will prove useful not only to students of Home Science but also to nutritionists, medical and public health practitioners and policy makers. ..more

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Maharoog Aids Avem Anya Bimariya
R. Sharma
हिंदी हिंदी ..more

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