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Medicinal Plants: Chemistry & Properties
S. Nehra
Nature has been a source of medicinal agents for thousands of years and an impressive number of modern drugs have been isolated from natural resources. Export value of Indian Medicinal Plant is increasing year after year and has the potential of multiply ..more

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Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Payal Verma
This is concise laboratory manual for the students of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Pharmacy. It is one of the few books that give practical laboratory methodology of pharmaceutical estimation. The methods are elaborated in a step-by-step format that allows the laboratory workers to perform any procedure without reference to other sources. The main topics included in this book are Laboratory Safety Rules, Buffers, Separation and Purification, Spectrophotometry, Titrimetric Methods of Analysis, Pharmaceutical Preparations and Chromatography. ..more

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Essentials of Biochemistry
Nisha Khalsa
This book offers a concise yet comprehensive coverage of basic fundamental and application of Biochemistry to the Medical Sciences. It covers curriculum recommended by Medical Council of India (MCI) and Dental Council (DCI) for MBBS and BDS students. The book is extremely useful to students of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Veterinary, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology and other health sciences who are studying Biochemistry as basic subject. Salient Features - • The Book is written in a lucid and interesting manner to make it more student friendly, in easy to understand style. • It has an appealing format and is systematically organized into different sections. The illustrations are lively and text has appropriate headings highlighting the key points. • It provides updated information and advances in metabolism and genetic engineering including molecular basis of genetic diseases. • The book includes topics of recent interest like Recombinant DNA technology, Gene therapy, Free radicals and antioxidants, as well as burning global medical problems such as AIDS, Cancer Hypercholesterolemia, Obesity, Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes Mellitus etc. ..more

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Dictionary of Research Methods
Janak Singh MeenaSubhash Meena
Effective research methods are the tools by which information is gathered. Without the appropriate design and use of research methods, we are unlikely to gather quality information and as such create a shaky foundation to any review, evaluation or future strategy. For researchers, the group of research methods contained within this handbook are the research terms, and like any methods need to be used in the right way–for the right research. Research methods, if understood and used appropriately can make your research a lot easier. This book, therefore attempts on the one hand to explain and demystify the world of research methods, whilst on the other it seeks to provide a strarting point for their use. In this, we are not suggesting that using research methods is easy, but merely that it can be appreciated and undertaken by practitioners and non-research experts. This book, reflects our wider aim to develop and improve the performance of the researchers in their research works. In this, we hope this handbook goes some way in helping to address some of the persistent issues faced by researchers and contributes to ensuring positive changes in research field. ..more

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