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Practicals in Bioinformatics
P. ShanmughavelG. Wadhwa
These days computers are part of our every day lives. Everywhere you go they are used to keep track of data, process transactions and support communication. The Human Genome Project (and other genome sequencing projects) is producing data at an astounding rate; currently sequence entries are being added to the EMBL sequence database faster than you can read their one-line descriptions - on average, one new sequence per second. The task of processing all this data and converting sequences into gene and protein predictions would be impossible without the development of computer based analysis tools. The last few years have seen a rapid acceleration in the development of new bioinformatics approaches, and a dramatic increase in the number of researchers involved in this field. So why do you need to learn bioinformatics? At the very least, you will need to identify whether your gene of interest has already been sequenced, and whether there are related sequences. If you aren't working on humans, or one of the other organisms that is being sequenced, there will be fewer pre-prepared resources available to you, although this discrepancy is narrowing, as more and more Genome projects are completed. Our aim is to present a hands-on approach to bioinformatics utility software for computing novices. The book will provide an overview of almost all bioinformatics subjects and discuss some of the ideas behind the approaches and tackle some common tasks. The book has many practical examples and these try to follow typical mini projects so that the relevance is apparent. ..more

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Trends in Bioinformatics
P. Shanmughaval
Bioinformatics is a field which uses computers to store and analyse molecular biological information. It is the study of the application of computer and statistical techniques to the management of information. At the beginning of the 21st century, scientists began sequencing entire species genomes and storing them on computers allowing for the use of bioinformatics to model and track a number of fascinating things. One of these applications is in deducing evolutionary change in a species. The other applications of bioinformatics including predicting entire protein strands, learning how genes express themselves in various species, and building complex models of entire cells. As computing power increases and our databases of genetic and molecular information expand, the realm of bioinformatics is sure to grow and change drastically, allowing us to build models of incredible complexity and utility. This book "Trends in Bioinformatics" is a collection of recent investigation of Bioinformatics and the compendium of paper contained in this volume will serve to further cause of Bioinformatics research. The contents includes • Rice Functional Genomics • Potentials of Fold Recognition Methods in Structure Prediction of Acyl Homoserine Lactone Synthases • Bioinformatics—Features and Methods • Datamining in Bioinformatics • Database on Tree Species • Drug—DNA • Functional Genomics Approach for Cancer Classification • Stemness of a Stem Cell • Developing Integrative Bioinformatics Systems • Mathematical Modeling in Molecular Modeling • Genome Compression • Homology Modelling of HSCA Molecular Chaperone • Bioinformatics Tools to Explore G Protein Coupled Receptors • Establishment of Web Communities in Bioinformatics • Biological Web Database • Bioinformatics Application Tool Using—Visual Basic and Perl • Homology Modeling • Networks as Development Tool for Forest Information Flow • Pharmacogenomics—Drugs by Design • Tools for Bioinformatics • Bioinformatics in Drug Discovery Process • Construction of Database, Visualization and Analysis Tools for the Enzyme Catalase and Integration into Web page • Venom as a Drug, etc. ..more

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