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Essentials of Biochemistry
Nisha Khalsa
This book offers a concise yet comprehensive coverage of basic fundamental and application of Biochemistry to the Medical Sciences. It covers curriculum recommended by Medical Council of India (MCI) and Dental Council (DCI) for MBBS and BDS students. The book is extremely useful to students of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Veterinary, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology and other health sciences who are studying Biochemistry as basic subject. Salient Features - • The Book is written in a lucid and interesting manner to make it more student friendly, in easy to understand style. • It has an appealing format and is systematically organized into different sections. The illustrations are lively and text has appropriate headings highlighting the key points. • It provides updated information and advances in metabolism and genetic engineering including molecular basis of genetic diseases. • The book includes topics of recent interest like Recombinant DNA technology, Gene therapy, Free radicals and antioxidants, as well as burning global medical problems such as AIDS, Cancer Hypercholesterolemia, Obesity, Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes Mellitus etc. ..more

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Microbiology: Basic & Applied Aspects
B. Singh
Microbiology began since ancient times when people learned to grind lenses from pieces of glass and combine them to produce magnifications great enough to enable microbes to be seen. Since then microorganisms are exceptionally attractive models for studying fundamental life processes. Microorganisms can be grown conveniently in test tubes or flasks, thus requiring less space and maintenance than larger plants and animals. Microbes grow rapidly and reproduce at an unusually high rate, some species of microbes undergo almost 100 generations in 24 hours period. The metabolic processes of microbes follow patterns that occur among higher plants and animals. The contents are as under : • Historical Foundations and Scope of Microbiology • General Characteristics and Taxonomy of Microorganisms • Methods in Microbiology • Prokaryotic Cells : The Bacteria and Mycoplasma • Eukaryotic Cells : The Microorganisms • Microbial Genetics • Microbial Physiology and Metabolism • Genetics of Bacteriophage • Miscellaneous Bacterial Diseases • Physical and Chemical Control Measures of Microorganisms • Microorganisms and Human Interactions • Tools and Techniques of Genetic Engineering • Soil and Aquatic Microbiology • Food and Industrial Microbiology • Nitrogen Fixation by Microorganisms • DNA and RNA Virus Diseases • Antimicrobial Drugs : Their Mechanism of Action • Fermentation and Symbiotic Interactions in Organisms • Immunotherapy and Immune Assays • Fungal Diseases • References • Index The contents of this book will be helpful to the undergraduate and post-graduate students of Microbiology Biochemistry, Agriculture science and Food science. ..more

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Biochemistry and Biotechnology
V.K. YadavNeelam Yadav
This laboratory Manual in Biochemistry and Biotechnology has been written to provide a source book of Technical information on a number of Experiments routinely performed by the Biology, Biotechnology and Agriculture graduate and post graduate students in practical classes. The manual would be useful not only for students but also for Teachers and researchers as a handy and easy to understand experimental details for 76 experiments in total. The manual has been divided into six chapters-Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins and Amino Acids, Enzymes, Nucleic nutritional factors. Each chapter has been introduced in brief to provide required information related with the experiments covered. Important information related with the experiments covered. Important information related with the experiment has been provided at the end of each experiment as ‘Notes’. Enough care has been taken to include each and every detail of the experiments which can be used as such without any modification. A total of 33 experiments have been included under the head Nucleic Acids which cover from Isolation and estimation of nucleic acids to gene cloning and Library preparation. These experiments will cover practical syllabus of most of Biotechnology courses offered at under graduate and post graduate level. The remaining 43 experiments represent most of basic laboratory exercises of Biochemistry courses offered at under-graduate level. ..more

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Plant Lipids
G. Nagaraj
Plant lipids are important sources of energy and nutrition to human beings. They are the only sources of essential fatty acids to a major section of the population. Lipids are concentrated sources of energy. Plants lipids are cholesterol free and are of better quality than animal lipids. Plant sterols mimic cholesterol and are useful in reducing cholesterol. In recent years these lipids have gained importance in non-food category also. They serve as fuel and also as lubricants. They are also an important ingredient of cosmetics. Lipids are components of plant membranes and play a highly useful role in plant growth and metabolism. They are key constituents required for photosynthesis. Basic aspects of lipids, their components , derivatives, their chemistry and biochemistry have been dealt in detail. Some aspects of major and minor plant lipids and their utility has also been presented. Similarly the analytical details of lipophilic constituents has also been considered. The contents includes : 􀁺 Introduction 􀁺 Lipids 􀁺 Fatty Acids 􀁺 Phospholipids 􀁺 Glycoliids 􀁺 Terpenes 􀁺 Phenolics􀁺 Sterols 􀁺 Waxes 􀁺 Plant Membranes 􀁺 Metabolism 􀁺 Lipid Metabolism 􀁺 Lipid Soluble Vitamins 􀁺 Lipid Functions 􀁺 Factors Affecting Lipid Composition 􀁺 Nutritional Quality of Lipids 􀁺 Oleochemicals 􀁺 Bioenergy 􀁺 Lipids from Crop Plants 􀁺 Lipids from Other Plants 􀁺 Analysis of Lipid Constituents. This book should be useful to the students and researchers in Plant Science and Plant Biochemistry apart from those involved in Food and Nutrition. ..more

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