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Indian Defence : Crisis and Challenges
N. C. Asthana IPSA. Nirmal
An extremely exhaustive and comparative study of the armies; the armor; the artillery, the air forces; the navies; the missile forces; the nuclear weapons; ground warfare; air warfare; naval warfare; military doctrines and military might of India, Pakistan and China. All that matters on matters military is to be found in these pages. A rare insight into the subject of defence, and must read for lay men, students, media persons, policy-makers, and men of the armed forces. Why this book is vital for all of us? Because you need to be enlightened. For most people defence has become synonymous with military hardware and we keep on spending on everything the military men ask for because nobody has the wisdom to question it. Given the fact that a nuclear Pakistan would not let itself be defeated at any cost, and that the Chinese could nuke us for even tactical reasons, we must have a serious relook at the way we approach our defence concerns. Can the armed forces, in spite of Rs. 164,000 crore spent on them every year guarantee a decisive victory or a ‘solution of the Pakistan problem’? No! This shocking book exposes the weak underbelly of India. India as a nation is mentally absolutely unprepared for fighting a war and enduring all its horrors. This book predicts that whether our armies are winning or taking a beating, the moment the war touches the Indians who matter (that is, the rich, the beautiful and the powerful), urban India would start buckling. The clarion call of the media and the opinion-builders would be ‘peace at any cost’ and they would suggest surrender even before the thought has crossed the mind of the adversary. In the end, Pakistan or China will not defeat you, your own TV channels and magazines will. That’s where the real military crisis of India lies. ..more

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Aatankvad, Khetrawad Avam Rashtriya Ekikaran
S. SinghM. Chaudhary
हिंदी हिंदी ..more

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Terrorism and Anti-Terrorist Operations
N. C. Asthana IPSA. Nirmal
Hundreds of thousands of the world’s best-equipped coalition troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have, in spite of their tremendous firepower and great technical resources, been finding the going tough against the Taliban. The Indians, in spite of facing various insurgencies and terrorism since 1954, have not been able to decisively eradicate anyone of them. This means that there is something fundamentally wrong with their strategy as well as tactics. The Indians have had neither strategy nor a scientific tactical doctrine of conducting anti-terrorist operations; that’s why they have been failing all the way. This book is written for the illumination of the lay man; the media people; the policy-makers and the forces that seek to combat terrorism; and all those who would like to know why their governments and armed forces have been failing in eliminating terrorism for decades altogether. Nobody, no army, no staff college, no think tank in the whole world has ever produced such a comprehensive treatise on terrorism and anti-terrorist operations. The book has been so structured that the whole or parts of it can be independently expanded in the fashion of manuals so as to suit the specific needs of the armed forces. CONTENTS: The book is divided into eight parts, namely, the phenomenon of terrorism; the dynamics of terrorist organizations; anti-terrorist operations in urban areas; in jungles and rural areas; threats from explosives, chemicals, biological agents and nukes; physical security; weaponry and training; and intelligence and interrogation. The 27 chapters of the book deal with many subjects that have hitherto been never discussed anywhere, including those on why some Muslims become terrorists; the mechanics of terrorists’ operational planning; fighting terrorists in a house; dealing with hostage crisis; jungle combat techniques; convoy security; ambushes; IEDs; landmines; suicide terrorism; camp defense; and the esoteric art of interrogation. ..more

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Bioterrorism and Biological Warfare
A. L. BhatiaS. K. Kulshreshtha
Keeping in view the risk involved and unpredictable and yet not estimated fully its damage, it becomes imperative that sufficient literature and information on Bioterrorism be available as there is still paucity of not only literature but also the interest of policy makers especially in Country like India. Hence, the present initiative of compiling invited chapters on Bioterrorism and Biological Warfare should fulfill the existing gap and provide authentic information. This book offers a rich dialogue of many opinions and different scientific dimensions of the bio-threats. It will assist actions such as coping with disaster or traumatic event, helping children and teens, information to responders, information for health professionals, information to states and planners and educational materials for public awareness may be developed to combat bio-terroristic events. The principles of biosurveillance are applicable to both man-made and natural epidemics. The use of agents that do not cause harm to humans but disrupt the economy such as foot and mouth disease have been witnessed in the 2001 and 2007 in the U. K. and henceforth would become more important. Clearly, there is a need to improve the ability to protect our citizens from potential bioterror threats, and to increase our capacity to deal with the medical and public health consequences of any future attacks. The book will be significant in the existing biotechnology and microbiology undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The book might also help in generating ideas of research in hitherto-ignored important areas of the bio-threat and biosurveillance fields. ..more

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Urban Terrorism : Myths and Realities
N. C. Asthana IPSA. Nirmal
Outrageous myths have been created and perpetrated about terrorism in general and terrorism by Muslims in particular. There are two reasons for it. One is, of course, genuine ignorance about things Islamic. The other reason is more sinister. Myths are created and perpetuated because that keeps everyone in business. By spinning yarns about the most horrible things the terrorists are capable of doing, the media ensures that they have a never-ending supply of sensational material with which to keep the people hooked—it also enables the intelligence agencies and security forces to appear more relevant and expand their turf in the process. The myths must be busted because they tend to settle deep in the collective subconscious and ultimately come to influence policy decisions. The media, for example, would have you believe that we have not been able to eradicate terrorism only because we do not have enough commandos everywhere! The fact is that terrorism would not be finished by killing a few terrorists. Bomb blasts continue to take place in spite of the arrests of the ‘masterminds’. As long as we do not address the root cause, there would be many more willing to kill and get killed. Victory against terrorism can be achieved only if you have completely understood the fundamental reasons of terrorism, the motivation of the terrorists, the intrinsic weaknesses of the targets, the innate strength of the ‘way of the terrorist’, and the follies of the approach that you have persisted with so far. If a nation has floundered in its ‘war against terrorism’, it is because it has never had a serious and honest-to-God analysis of terrorism. Hence this book. Exhaustive yet attractive, informative yet interesting—and above all, extremely hard-hitting—it is the ultimate encyclopedia of terrorism. ..more

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