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Gramin Prasar Shiksha
Jaishree Mehta
HINDI ..more

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New Vistas in Rural Economy
Subah Singh Yadav
The present set of 5 volumes presents a unique collection of writings on Rural Economy contributed by outstanding scholars of national and international eminence. The basic objective of this modest attempt is to provide a comprehensive scenario of the issues and factors that are vital in the process of accelerating Rural Economy as also to produce a reference book for the rural development activists, university teachers, researchers and for those who are engaged in advanced studies in this area. It is a profile of broad overview of the indicators, problems and prospects of rural development within the economic, social, political and cultural framework of Indian economy. The choice of contents range from grassroot development of a village to national economic issues-infrastructure, agriculture, ecology,poverty, unemployment, science and technology, extension service etc. The compilation of these subjects alongwith their allied contents have been so structured that every volume will prove an invaluable compendiumfor relentless study, thus attracting a wider readership without leaving out the intricacies of the rural economy. ..more

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Rural Development and Poverty Allevation
Subah Singh YadavRam Kumar Gurjar
The set presents a cohesive and comprehensive scenario of the changing dimension of rural development process in the post Independent India, besides, producing a standard reference book for university students and research scholars. The problems of infrastructure to rural development and poverty alleviation have been viewed in relation to agricultural and economic growth. As such one can easily trace the sustained efforts made by government and voluntary agencies scattered in these writings. The compendium also suggests that there remains a lot to be done to brush up these attempts, because infrastructural disparities between rural and urban areas have accentuated the income disparities. The distinct changes in the rural economy in the 1960s followed by antipoverty programmes and employment generating programmes in 1970s and 1980s respectively are to be resumed vigorously in the current decade. As such this compendium becomes an invaluable creation on rural economy which is of immense use for policy makers as well as academicians. The simple and lucid style of presenting various writings adds new dimensions to the basic content. ..more

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Panchayati Raj mein Gramin Netratva, Mahilayen avem Rajnitik Sehbhagita
A. NayakHarshit Dwivedi
हिंदी हिंदी ..more

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Rural Development through Womens Participation and Electronic Media
Sawalia Bihari VermaShiv Kumar Singh
This book has been designed to meet a long-felt need for a compendium of papers contributed by writers, authors, subject experts, academicians and consultants and those who have been related agro-development, rural development, social development, overall entire infrastructure promoting rural bases. The book contains papers on the following subjects: Participation and empowerment; Rural infrastructure in telecommunications; Empowerment of women and marginalised groups in panchayats; Women’s self-help groups; Women’s welfare and social development; Communication needs for rural women; Women corporate leadership; Women in commercial poultry, Status of women in India; Women’s role in gram sabhas; Self-employment as a career; Child labour in India; Electronic media for agro and rural development; Biotechnology and bioinformation; National social assistance programmes; Internet in India: an oversight; Decentralisation—new agency of the World Bank and Panchayats and child labour. This book will prove useful not only to students of Commerce, Economics and Management but also to those who are appearing for CA, CS, Cost Accountant, CAIIB and other professional examinations. In addition, to the teaching community, researchers, policy makers, government officials, academicians and so on. ..more

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Strategy for Promoting Rural Infrastructure
Sawalia Bihari VermaDinesh Kumar Verma
We are aware that discourses on rural development had witnessed a recent spurt in India. Rural development encompasses a multidisciplinary approach as India virtually lives in its 700,000 villages. Therefore, rural development holds the key position in the hierarchy of its development goals. As such, the different aspects of rual life need great emphasis. The book has been designed to meet a long-felt need for a compendium of papers contributed by writers, authors and consultants, subject experts, academicians. It contains 53 papers covering a wide area of the subject. Some of them are as follows: Poverty in India: Synoptic view- Changing scenario of banks-People's participation in development- Decentralised government more effective-Educated unemployment-Poverty reduction strategy-Rural marketing: Perspective and issues-Self-help groups: Poised for a new role in rural development-Liberalisation: What about the poor-Social security for working class-Rural water supply-Farming system approach: a boom for rural prosperity-Integrated farming-Research issues for disadvantaged groups-Role of public sector in sustaining agro development-Impact of WTO on small-scale industries-Diversification of Indian agriculture and food security-Advent of depositories in India-Securitisation: a new option-Management of rural fair price shops. This book will be useful not only for students of Commerce, Economics and Management but also to those appearing at CA, ICWAI, ICS, CAIIB and other professional examinations. In addition, the teaching community, researchers, policy makers, planners and Government officials will also benefit from this book. ..more

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Panchayatiraj Mein Gram Sabha
Dr. Suresh Chand Sharma
Hindi ..more

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Microfinance, Inclusive Growth and Rural Development
Kartick Das
The book is intended to examine different parameter of human development in India taking into consideration of economic growth of India in recent past and to what extent economic growth remained inclusive for disadvantage and vulnerable groups in India. There is very little disagreement that the Indian macroeconomic performance has indeed been credible - higher and resilient growth, rising per capita income, a change in the national psyche, which is buttressed by the growing strength in the external sector. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that the large part of our population is still not connected to the mainstream socially or economically. Chapter I of the book tries to interpret the concept inclusive growth taking into consideration of inclusive growth. Inclusive growth implies delivering social justice to all, particularly disadvantaged groups. Chapter II makes attempts to study different initiatives taken by the government to achieve inclusive growth. Chapter III of the book attempts to understand the nature of transition from a socialist to a liberalized economy that has helped India emerge from a bottomless pit for aid to become a potential economic superpower. Chapter IV seeks to explore the missing ingredients of the economic growth. Strong economic growth is succeeding in bringing people out of poverty; nevertheless the country still has a long way to go before it can eradicate poverty. The growth is far from inclusive. Chapter V deals with issues and challenges of micro credit in India. Chapter VI of the book makes an attempt to understand present economic scenario of India and to focus on different dimensions of financial inclusion towards reducing yawning gap between haves and have-nots in crafting a sustainable and inclusive growth. Chapter VII explore the potentialities of the PRIs (the third tier of democratic governance after the constitutionalisation of the PRIs by the 73rd and 74th Constitution Amendment Acts, 1993) to became an effective micro finance institution at the door steps of the rural poor. Chapter VIII tries to explore issues and strategies of financial inclusion in India. The last concluding chapter provides conclusions and suggestions for the acceleration of reform process towards achieving higher and inclusive economic growth.  ..more

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Panchayati Raj And Rural Development
Dr. Jagdeep SinghDr. Anju Beniwal
The 2011 Census estimates that 69 percent of the country’s total population inhabits in villages. Despite implementing a number of programmes for creating gainful employment opportunities and to improve the quality of lives of rural masses, rural development continues to be a key policy challenge. Rural development essentially reflects in the improvements in the economic well being of people living in villages. Rural development implies both the economic betterment of people as well as greater social transformation. In order to provide the rural people with better prospects for economic development, increased participation of people in the rural development programmes, decentralization of planning, better enforcement of land reforms and greater access to credit are needed. This book mainly focuses on the following contemporary issues related to the panchayati raj and rural development —Panchayati raj —Khap Panchayat —Modernization —Empowerment —Decentralization —Role of NGO’s —Digital Literacy —Health Habits and Food Behaviour —Water Deficit etc. ..more

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Extension Services in Rural India
Subah Singh YadavRam Kumar Gurjar
The role of extension services in rural India has become a pure economic necessity after the launching of the community development programme. Extension services provide sustainable support to the basic activity of developing the rural India. Of late the system like training and visit has given a big push to extension services especially in the field of agriculture. Now some more areas of activities allied to agriculture like dairy, transportation, fisheries, agriculture, etc. have been brought in the field of extension services.This book delineates the broad framework of extension services focussing on almost all the activities being operated to infuse vitality in the countryside for its transformation according to the needs of contemporary India. The volume is a unique contribution to the rural development literature catering to the needs of concerned institutions and researchers who have so far been hampered by dearth of literature in the field. ..more

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Infrastructure to Rural Development
Subah Singh YadavRam Kumar Gurjar
This book is a novel contribution to Rural Economy literature. It makes multisectional and multidimensional analysis of diversified aspects of infrastructural arrangements in the countryside. It also projects a workable picture till the end of this century. It presents clear sighted well researched views on the various supporting services which have a direct bearing on the development of rural areas. This book goes a long way in understanding the reality in the context of rural India . The articles have been heavily drawn from reputed journals in the field. Eminent scholars have profusely contributed their academic mite to make this volume a unique compendium. The book remains unparalled from the point of view of its contents, style of presentation and language. ..more

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