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Jal Prabandhan Aur Paristhitikiya Vikas
Ved Prakash Meena
HINDI ..more

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Sustainable Rehabilitation of Degraded Ecosystems
O. P. ChaubeyV. BahadurDr. P.K. Shukla
With the growing increase in development of industrial sector, more and more forest lands are being brought under mining operation. These results in drastic changes in land use patterns. The major deleterious impacts on ecosystems are on land degradation, microbial population, ecology and vegetation, waste discharge, pollution of water and air, wildlife and its habitat, health and safety of workers etc. There is a need to develop site-specific restoration / reclamation techniques for long-term sustainability of degraded ecosystem and to maintain the homeostasis in the whole biosphere. Several useful and applied studies have been done by researchers, scientists of various research organizations, field foresters, environmentalists, academicians of universities, and many voluntary organizations on various aspects of rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems. The environmental protection laws / Acts to provide the protection and improvement of human environment and for matters connected have been framed as per the decisions taken at the U N Conference on Human Environment, held at Stockholm June, 1972. The priority areas covered in this present compilation are status of land damages/ ecosystem degradation, strategies of reclamation, waste management for potential use, technological development for minimizing degradation of ecosystem, ecological and biological changes brought about due to various reclamation activities, role of soil micro flora and fauna in rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems etc. The book would be of vital significance for policy makers, researchers, foresters, industrialists, academicians and environmentalists and would be very purposeful for reclamation of mined lands, particularly of coalfields and sustainable management of degraded ecosystems as a whole. ..more

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Cleaner Production: Greening of Industries for Sustainable Development
Rajiv K. SinhaSunil Heart
Cleaner Production is born from the relaisation that economic goals of industries and enterprises are no longer viable through the 'curative approach' (end-of-the-pipe solution of waste and pollution that incurs heavy expenditure) but by the 'preventive approach' (beginning-of-the-pipe solution). Practice of CP allows the producers of industrial goods ant the providers of services to produce more with less-less raw material, less energy and water, less waste and, thus, less environmental impact-all contributing to sustainability. ..more

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Urban Slums and Dimensions of Poverty
H. C. Upreti
Inequality among human beings has been a universal phenomenon. In modern times, the rapid growth of urbanisation and industrialisation has further widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Poverty has forced poor people to make their abode in slums and squatter settlements. Slums have become part and parcel of the urban world. This study makes a diagnostic analysis of the plight of the urban poor and dimensions of poverty in slums and squatter settlements. The study highlights settlement patterns, ecological setting and environmental hazards in slums. It gives a vivid account of female-headed households and position of women and children. The study also focuses on different dimensions of poverty, especially giving an interesting account of the culture of poverty and gender discrimination. Scholars interested in studying different aspects of urban life will find this book informative and useful. ..more

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