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I C T Applications in Agribusiness and Extension Education
Jagdish R.Kadam
In the present era of information technology, no substantial progress in any field is possible without information and communication technology (ICT). In a country like India where the economic fate of the society rests on the improvement in the lot of rural people, who are directly and indirectly depend on agriculture and agro-based industry, a right ICT intervention that could assist agricultural extension in efficient technology transfer and implementation of development programmes to elevate the livelihoods of poor rural families has become prerequisite. It will likely have significant impacts on uplifting agriculture – enhancing agricultural production, better marketing and post-harvest activities, fostering agro-entrepreneurship and above all generating self-employment opportunities, which, in turn, can contribute to poverty reduction. By focusing on how agricultural extension can use ICTs for improving rural livelihoods, we need to move beyond narrow understandings of agriculturally specific ICT applications. This book intends to provide essential information on most important aspect of how ICT can be used to ameliorate the gloomy lot of rural poor. It focuses not only on the benefits but also, by and large, the constraints that can be encountered. We hope that this book will be really helpful to the extensionists, agriculture scientists, farmers, stakeholders, agri-business entrepreneurs as well as students ..more

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Self Help Groups For Rural Poor
Mahendra S.BhairamkarV.G. Patil
The Self Help Group is considered as a viable organization of the rural poor particularly women for delivering micro credit in order to undertake entrepreneurial activities. Some of the SHG managed by the rural poor women successfully demonstrated how to mobiles and manage thrift activities, appraise credit needs, enforce financial disciplines, maintain credit linkages with banks and effectively undertake income generating activities. The functions of SHG showed that the poor as a group are quite credit worthy and repayment of loan is quite satisfactory. The joint liability of the group enables the poor to overcome the problem of collateral security and also has in-built mechanism of peer monitoring leading to better loan recoveries and productive credit utilization. The book also makes an attempt to understand the efficiency level of Self Help Groups and constraints in smooth working of Self Help Groups. The book also helps to identify the members for Self Help Group in Rural India. ..more

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Rural Development through Womens Participation and Electronic Media
Sawalia Bihari VermaShiv Kumar Singh
This book has been designed to meet a long-felt need for a compendium of papers contributed by writers, authors, subject experts, academicians and consultants and those who have been related agro-development, rural development, social development, overall entire infrastructure promoting rural bases. The book contains papers on the following subjects: Participation and empowerment; Rural infrastructure in telecommunications; Empowerment of women and marginalised groups in panchayats; Women’s self-help groups; Women’s welfare and social development; Communication needs for rural women; Women corporate leadership; Women in commercial poultry, Status of women in India; Women’s role in gram sabhas; Self-employment as a career; Child labour in India; Electronic media for agro and rural development; Biotechnology and bioinformation; National social assistance programmes; Internet in India: an oversight; Decentralisation—new agency of the World Bank and Panchayats and child labour. This book will prove useful not only to students of Commerce, Economics and Management but also to those who are appearing for CA, CS, Cost Accountant, CAIIB and other professional examinations. In addition, to the teaching community, researchers, policy makers, government officials, academicians and so on. ..more

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Scaling Measurement and Statistical Tools for Extension Workers
Krunal D. GulkariHemant V. BorateMayur S. Shitap
The present book on "Scaling Measurement and Statistical Tools for Extension Workers"is very useful for researcher and to build good managerial skills. The book includes many variables, measuring techniques, scales and test with statistical tools have been compiled by the authors which are useful for social science research methodology.Topics in the book are organized mannerly and divided in various relevant sections. The topics covered in every section are general as well as specific in nature and related to measurement of variables and commonly used statistical tools. These include number of procedures for measurement of the variables, categorization procedures, scale construction procedures and techniques of data processing for qualitative as well as quantitative data. The book also supports the easy learning of individual for their quality research work.We have no doubt that book material will be immensely helpful to the extension workers, students as well as researchers. Regarding the organization, the book consists of four sections, well arranged in coherent manner. Section I includes measurement of variables viz., Personal Variables, Social Variables, Economic Variables, Agronomic Variables, Situational and Communicational Variables and Psychological Variables. Section II includes various attitude scales developed by various researchers which will be useful to new researchers to use these scales in their research for fruitful results. Section III includes some other scales by research scientist. Section IV includes various statistical tools like descriptive statistics, tests of significance, correlation and regression analysis and categorization of variables which is commonly used by extension workers. This section explains the analysis using these statistical tools in MSExcel and SPSS software. It is elaborated in very easy language to understand by the beginners. The present book on “Scaling Measurement and Statistical Tools for Extension Workers” has been specifically addressed to the needs of extension personnel. The compiled content will be of great use to the researchers, students of extension and allied department which will result in providing rich output. ..more

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