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I C T Applications in Agribusiness and Extension Education
Jagdish R.Kadam
In the present era of information technology, no substantial progress in any field is possible without information and communication technology (ICT). In a country like India where the economic fate of the society rests on the improvement in the lot of rural people, who are directly and indirectly depend on agriculture and agro-based industry, a right ICT intervention that could assist agricultural extension in efficient technology transfer and implementation of development programmes to elevate the livelihoods of poor rural families has become prerequisite. It will likely have significant impacts on uplifting agriculture – enhancing agricultural production, better marketing and post-harvest activities, fostering agro-entrepreneurship and above all generating self-employment opportunities, which, in turn, can contribute to poverty reduction. By focusing on how agricultural extension can use ICTs for improving rural livelihoods, we need to move beyond narrow understandings of agriculturally specific ICT applications. This book intends to provide essential information on most important aspect of how ICT can be used to ameliorate the gloomy lot of rural poor. It focuses not only on the benefits but also, by and large, the constraints that can be encountered. We hope that this book will be really helpful to the extensionists, agriculture scientists, farmers, stakeholders, agri-business entrepreneurs as well as students ..more

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Impact of Internet on Society
A. Parasar
For elucidating the impact of Internet on society this book has been written with an intention to know the real effect of internet usage on Indian youth thereby to come out with an over all impact of internet on society taking inductive approach with the assumption that internet as a tool will be used in the same way by the people belonging to different caste and class. In this book both the positive and negative impact of Internet usage has been analysed qualitatively as well as quantitatively along a two-dimensional scale highlighting the impact of Internet on Indian youth in particular and Indian Society in general. This book also raises many issues for concern about cyber world. The contents include : l Prologue l Internet – The Social Technology And Social Network l Internet Usage and Social Change l Positive Impact of Internet on Society l Negative Impact of Internet on Society l Internet and Pressing Social Issues l Epilogue l Bibliography l Glossary of Internet Terms ..more

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Sanganak evam Suchana Prodhoygiki
V. KumarA. S. Ansari
हिंदी हिंदी ..more

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Instructional Technology
T. M. Srinivasan
THIS book delineates and explains, in vivid detail, the technology of teaching at all levels. It combines instructional design principles, methods, media and computing with a learner-centred approach to make it intelligible, interesting and effective in the imparting of education to students. It contains details about the basic theories and applications of educational technology that will help the teacher to become an effective and purposeful instrument in disseminating education. The chapters have been carefully planned. They show how instruction is designed, developed and improved and explain the types and uses of different media formats. They also explain how to integrate and apply specific approaches, strategies and techniques to make the maximum impact on student learning. The chapters include: • Instructional Technology: Introduction and Overview. • Models of Instructional Design. • Systematic Design of Instruction Technology. • Alternative Instructional Models and Knowledge. • Human-Computer Interface Design. • Instructional Systems Design. • Instructional Delivery. • Nodes and Organisation. • Displays and Communication in Instructional Methods. • Designing Training for Novel Problem-Solving Transfer. • Evolution and Maintenance. • Future Planning for Instructional Systems. • Bibliography and an Index. ..more

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Cyber Crimes: Preventive Measures and Cyber Forensics
N. C. Asthana IPSPriyamvada Asthana
You could be a student, a housewife, a schoolgirl, a working woman, a businessman, a middle-class salaried employee, or a professional—all of you could easily become victims of cyber crime. The moment you connect your computer to the Internet it becomes a ..more

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Cyber Security Cyber Attacks and Hacking
N. C. Asthana IPSPriyamvada Asthana
Cyber security is vital in the modern age of computers. Modern society, economy, and critical industrial infrastructures are greatly dependent on computer networks and other IT solutions. Mounting cyber attacks on them is both cheaper and less risky than  ..more

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Cyber Law : Legal and Practical Aspects
N. C. Asthana IPSPriyamvada Asthana
Computers have permeated all walks of life in such a manner that now it is difficult to imagine life without them. Financial services like banking, airlines, telecommunications, and large industries, all depend on computer networks. These developments hav ..more

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