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Pointer Publishers was established in 1986 and since then has earned a name in the production and supply of books for college and institutional libraries. We have published more than 1000 titles on diverse subjects for the Agriculture, Computer, Litterature, Education, Humanities, Arts, Politics, Science and Commerce streams.

  Economics and Related Subjects  

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Microfinance, Inclusive Growth and Rural Development
Kartick Das
The book is intended to examine different parameter of human development in India taking into consideration of economic growth of India in recent past and to what extent economic growth remained inclusive for disadvantage and vulnerable groups in India. There is very little disagreement that the Indian macroeconomic performance has indeed been credible - higher and resilient growth, rising per capita income, a change in the national psyche, which is buttressed by the growing strength in the external sector. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that the large part of our population is still not connected to the mainstream socially or economically. Chapter I of the book tries to interpret the concept inclusive growth taking into consideration of inclusive growth. Inclusive growth implies delivering social justice to all, particularly disadvantaged groups. Chapter II makes attempts to study different initiatives taken by the government to achieve inclusive growth. Chapter III of the book attempts to understand the nature of transition from a socialist to a liberalized economy that has helped India emerge from a bottomless pit for aid to become a potential economic superpower. Chapter IV seeks to explore the missing ingredients of the economic growth. Strong economic growth is succeeding in bringing people out of poverty; nevertheless the country still has a long way to go before it can eradicate poverty. The growth is far from inclusive. Chapter V deals with issues and challenges of micro credit in India. Chapter VI of the book makes an attempt to understand present economic scenario of India and to focus on different dimensions of financial inclusion towards reducing yawning gap between haves and have-nots in crafting a sustainable and inclusive growth. Chapter VII explore the potentialities of the PRIs (the third tier of democratic governance after the constitutionalisation of the PRIs by the 73rd and 74th Constitution Amendment Acts, 1993) to became an effective micro finance institution at the door steps of the rural poor. Chapter VIII tries to explore issues and strategies of financial inclusion in India. The last concluding chapter provides conclusions and suggestions for the acceleration of reform process towards achieving higher and inclusive economic growth.  ..more

  Political Science and Related Subjects  

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ISIS and Taliban : The Inside Story
N.C. AsthanaIPSAnjali Nirmal
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and Taliban are almost daily in news. We must know everything about them because they are likely to expand their activities into India also. Already some 22 young, highly educated Indians have left the comforts of their homes to fight and get killed for the ISIS. Media provides only fragmented information, making people harbour all sorts of myths. This book tells you everything including: · What they are; what is their ideology; what is their objective; why are they opposed to the West; · What are they doing; what atrocities they are committing; how do they treat women; · What explains their appeal which makes people leave their homes and travel thousands of miles to fight for them; · What is Wahabism/Salafism; what is meant by jihad and the jihadists; what is radicalization and de-radicalization; what is the role of the madarsas with regard to terrorism; · How do they get their arms and armament; how do they get the funds they need and how the world can disrupt those sources; · How the Western world and the USA have made a mess of the Middle-East and the Syrian Civil War; · How the Taliban are making a comeback even after 16 years of relentless bombing by the Americans; what are the prospects of a Taliban victory; · And finally, can the world expect to get rid of the ISIS and Taliban or, are they here to stay? Whether you are a lay man, a student, a homemaker, a media person, a policy-maker, or a man in the armed forces, the comprehensive knowledge contained within the pages of this book will ensure that when the need arises, we may respond in a correct manner.  ..more

  Agriculture and Related Subjects  

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Cultivation and Breeding of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
L. C. De
Population rise, inadequate supply of drugs, prohibitive cost of treatments, side effects of several allopathic drugs and development of resistance to currently used drugs for infectiousdiseases have led to increased emphasis on the use of plant materials as a source of medicines for a wide variety of human ailments.About 8,000 herbal remedies have been codified in Ayurveda.Nutraceuticals / functional foods and perfumery/aroma chemicals from natural sources is the fastest growing sector in the global market of medicine.Diseases like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, asthma, depression and heart ailments are associated with both genetic and environmental risk factors.Single ingredient drugs known as new chemical entities (NCEs) often fail to cure such diseases. The plant secondary metabolites offer significant therapeutic opportunities to address such diseases.Essential oils are highly concentrated, low volume, high valueproducts.They are adjuncts ofcosmetics, soaps, pharmaceuticals, perfumery, confectionery, ice-creams, aerated waters disinfectants,tobacco, agarbathis and a host of related products. Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils and aromatics derived from plants to cure diseases. The book attempts to make people aware of the potential of medicinal and aromatic plants from all angles and to explore the possibilities to develop new vistas for medicinal plants based industries. The book is written with 15 independent chapters. Almost all the commercially important commercially important medicinal and aromatic plants cultivated in different parts of the world have found a place in this publication. In an introductory chapter on scope and importance of medicinal and aromatic plants has been made to provide useful and complete information on scenario of domestic and international trade. 14 interesting chapters on classification; exports and imports; biodiversity and conservation; ayurvedic medicinal plants; breeding, cultivation of medicinal trees, shrubs, climbers, herbs and aromatic plants; extraction technologies of essential oils, processing, storage and utilization of drugs and IPR issues in medicinal and aromatic plants are discussed elaborately. This will be useful to teachers, students, scientists, nurserymen, pharmacists, physicians, amateur and professional gardeners, and above all progressive hobby growers. ..more

  Home Science and Related Subjects  

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Food Processing Technology
M. Penchalaraju YadavChannabasamma B. BidedLakshmi Jagarlamudi
The book titled as “Food Processing and Technology” is focussed on subjects like Contemporary and Emerging Technologies of Food Processing, Cereal Processing and Beverage Technology, Heat and Mass Transfer, Unit Operations in Food Processing-I, Energy Generation & Conservation Principles, and Food Packaging Technologies along with applications of important processing equipments in food industries. This text book is entirely different from other text books because there is no text book in the market with beverage technology and Contemporary and emerging technologies of food processing. The book covers the new syllabus of ICAR food technology and B.Tech. food engineering. Objective type questions have been added for the benefits of students. The book is a resource for those interested in the latest advances in the Food Science and Technology. This book provides current state of knowledge in the key research areas and contains ideas for Cereal Processing and Beverage Technology. The updated information compiled on these selected topics is intended to be a valuable guide to Researchers, Students, Teachers and Food Processing Industries. ..more

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