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Stress Management in Seed Crops
O. P. KhedarR.V. SinghBaldev Ram
“Stress Management in Seed Crops” covers different chapters to overcome different types of stresses (biotic and abiotic) for effective seed production programme. It includes Introduction, Integrated nutrient management in seed crops (basic concept of INM; ..more

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Seed Technology and Quality Control
O. P. KhedarD.S. ChaudharyR.V. Singh
This book “Seed Technology and Quality Control” provides knowledge about quality seed production through quality control measures. It covers chapters like Introduction, Quality seed production (includes categories of seed; seed indents; factors affecting  ..more

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Production & Protection of Seed Spices
E. V. D. SastryK. S. Shekhawat
Seed spices are the winter season annuals whose fruit (seed) is used as spice. About twenty seed spices are cultivated and almost all of them are grown in India, four of thse namely coriander, cumin, fennel and fenugreek are cultivated extensively and hence are called major seed spices. India is the leader in production, consumption and export of seed spices. Among the Indian states, Gujarat and Rajasthan lead in the area and production of these spices. Unfortunately these crops are still cultivated on marginal lands with almost nil to little inputs. In many a cases, local varieties are still cultiviated with very low production potential. It is therefore right time we take the stock of the situation. In an effort to know the status of seed spices research and development, eminent researchers from across the country have been invited to contribute their findings and views which led to the present compilation. The present book contains chapters that are written by who’s who in seed spices research in India. The opening chapter “Seed spices research: path less treated” tries to analyze the problem of seed spices research vis-à-vis with the research in cereals. The available germplasm collection in India are analyzed critically in the chapter on “Evaluation and coservation of seed spices Genetic resources: status and issues”. The research and accomplishments of All India Coordinated Research Project on Spices in seed spices sphere is very well presented in a chapter “Research efforts of All India Coordinated Research Project on Spices for productivity of seed spices. The need for good agricultural practices has been presented in chapter on ‘Good agricultural practices: Need for clean seed spices production”, similarly an analysis on quality aspects is presented in chapter by “Quality aspects of seed spices for export”. “Studies on seed spices improvement” looks at the methods adopted for genetic improvement and ways to modify the same for better genetic gains. Besides these, several chapters devote to look at the research findings on organic way of production of seed spices, Nutrition management, disease and pest management in seed spices. Unless the findings of researches reach the farmers and are adopted by them they are of little value. Hence several chapters are devoted to understand the problem of adoption of improved methods of seed spices cultivation. Similarly a chapter on “Marketing of important seed spices in Rajasthan” looks at the marketing of seed spices. Seed spices contain essential oils which are extracted and marketed as value added product. The commercial exploitability of the essential oils of seed spices is discussed in “Commercial exploitation of essential oils obtained from seed spices for use in aromatherapy”. The book is expected to be of much help to all those connected with seed spices. It is hoped that this book will find acceeptance with scientists, industrialists, lanners as well as students connected or interested in seed spices. ..more

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Seed Technology and Quality Control
P. C. Trivedi
"Seed production, availability and quality play a significant role in achieving the higher agricultural production. It is now well recognized all over the world that seed is a input for enhancing and stabilizing agricultural production and increasing the food availability to feed the growing population in our country as well as all over the world. It has been said that “Time and money spent on plant breeding is waste if the seed of improved crop plants are not made available to the farmers for planting in their fields.” The present book “Seed Technology and Quality Control” incorporates articles on some of the very important aspects related to seed technology. This volume contains eight chapters covering different aspects related to seed production, quality control, seed processing, packaging, seed physiology and related issues. Major chapters included are on : Rules and regulations governing quality seed production, certification, seed law enforcement and penalties on contravenes; Role of quality seeds in nutritional security of India; Synthetic seeds : A novel concept in seed technology; Technologies for seed processing, packaging & storage; Castor seed physiology; Cassava seed germination & physiology; Biological seed treatment for the management of soybean stem rot disease; Seed borne fungal diseases of cowpea and their management. Book will serve as a guide to show where we stand with regard to seed science and technology and what should be our future thrust and perspective. This volume will definitly serve as an excellent reference material and practical guide for students of seed technology, Agriculture, Horticulture, Botany, Forestry & Life Sciences. " ..more

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Bijo Ka Adhunik Jiv Vigyan Anuprayogic Avem Molik
Karan SinghBajrang Lal Kakraliya
हिंदी हिंदी ..more

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Seed : Quality Production, Diseases and Quarantine
P. C. Trivedi
Seed constitutes the most important investment in effecting successful agriculture. Quality seeds with superior genetics are indispensable to initiate remunerative agriculture with added dividends. Seed quality control concerns with purity of the seed during production and marketing, required seed germination and physical purity, free from weed seeds, pathogens and should have optimum moisture content. The seed health has assumed greater importance as the seed has to be certified to be free from objectionable seed borne pathogens. It is necessary to strengthen the seed testing laboratories in the country with proper equipment and manpower. The present book “Seed : Quality Production, Diseases and Quarantine” is a well-documented comprehensive review of significant investigations on quality seed production, diseases & management and quarantine regulations. This volume contains 10 chapters covering major titles as : Organic seed production; Scientific seed production; Crop production technologies in seed spices; General seed certification standards; Seed spices research in India; Seed production in opium; Flowering, fruiting, yield & seed quality influenced by PGRs; Integrated disease management for vegetable seed production; Biological control of seed & soil-borne plant pathogens and Plant quarantine and seed health testing. Each topic is written by an expert and offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on pertinent topic. Each chapter discusses the current status. This book will become the standard reference for variety of scholars and farmers, researchers in agriculture, plant sciences, applied biologists, breeders, a must for teachers and students engaged in teaching and research in agriculture & seed science.  ..more

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Principles of Seed Technology
B. L. Jana
Seed is the most basic and prime input of agricultural production, and is the most important component of all inputs used in agricultural crop productivity increase. Strictly speaking, seed is an embryo, a living organism embedded in the supporting or the food storage tissue. Its importance is given to the biological existence, whereas in grain the importance is given to the supporting tissue of the economic produce. The emphasis should be given on the quality seed production of different field crops to cater the need of the farmers, even of the remotest corner of the nation. This book “Principles of Seed Technology” written in nine chapters, is the most important subject of Agricultural Sciences, which deals with Seeds and Quality Seeds, Seed Varieties, Production Techniques of Nucleus, Breeder, Founder and Certified Seeds, Maintenance & Multiplication of Pre–release and Newly Released Varieties in Self & Cross–pollinated crops, Seed Scenario & Seed Industry, Seed Viability, DNA Fingerprint on Identification of Crop Variety, Seed Certification, Hybrid Seed Production in Vegetable Crops, Seed Production & Seed Industry, Seed Supply as per Requirement of Major Crops in India, Indian Seed Sector–the way Forward, etc. supporting with research findings in depth. Quality seed has played a pivotal role in India’s First Green Revolution (1967–1977) occurred during mid sixties. Now we need it for a Seed Green Revolution to meet the growing demand for our increasing population to be 1.7 billion (170 crore) by 2050, and we shall need to double our food production. The policy–led and Technology–led Growth have brought the most change in the scenario. We need for Enhanced Replacement Rate of Certified Seed for good future prospects, Investment towards innovation, application of Biotechnology to develop new improved crop cultivars, Promoting Hybrid Technology, Building Public Confidence, Partnership for Prosperity, Germplasm Exchange, etc which show us the way forward.  ..more

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Seed Spices Production, Quality, Export
Sanjeev Agarwal
Spices are internationally considered as important ingredients in the culinary art. They impart flavour to food, making it more acceptable and appetising. Many of the spices are digestive, simulative and carminative. Some of them have medicinal value and find use in the pharmaceutically industry. India grows about 52 species. The important one among them that occupy a sizeable area and enter the national and international trade are black pepper, cardamom, ginger, chilli, clove, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, ajwain and suwa. The last six are named as seed spices. They are cultivated mainly in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Indian seed spices have an advantage of superior intrinsic quality. However, the indian spice industry is facing challenges on four fronts namely, productivity, equity, quality and value addition. The present book is designed to compile the scattered information from various sources to address the above challenges. Emphasis is given on the status of seed spices in India in general and major growing states of India in particular. Special emphasis has been given to the chemistry, quality aspects, value addition, extraction of spices extract at industrial level, production strategies, export, post-harvest management and the application of biotechnology to enhance the productivity and quality. Even the effect of climate change on the production and productivity of the seed spices is discussed so that planners can take appropriate steps to maintain the production potential. The importance of seed spices in Ayurveda is also covered. It is hope this book will find acceptance with researchers and students, plant scientists, biotechnologists, industrialists and all those interested in seed spices cultivation and export.  ..more

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Production of Seed and Planting Materials of Horticultural Crops
L.C. De
India is endowed with wide range of agro-climatic condition and it has good potential for growing a wide range of horticultural crops such as fruits, vegetables, potato, tropical tuber crops and mushrooms, ornamental crops; medicinal and aromatic plants, spices and plantation crops like coconut, cashew nut, cocoa, etc. The Government identified horticulture crops as a means of diversification for making agriculture more profitable through efficient land use, optimum utilization of natural resources and creating skilled employment for rural masses, especially women folk with the past efforts rewarding.Changes in food habit, increase in per capita income and quality life styles have accelerated the demand for diversified horticultural commodities. The single dominant factor which would contribute to rise in production of horticulture crop is availability of quality planting material of improved cultivars. Hi-tech nurseries mechanization is the need of the hour to facilitate various operations like pulverizing, mixing and sterilizing, growing media in pots or trays, filling seedling trays or pots for transplanting, seed sowing through precision techniques and irrigation through dripplers, micro-sprinklers etc. The present book is planned in 15 interesting chapters vividly highlighting various aspects covering basics of plant propagation, physiology of plant propagation, nursery management, growing media, nursery tools and structures, pollination and fertilization of fruit plants, asexual propagation of vegetable crops, seed viability, certification and storage, production of seeds and planting materials of 22 major fruit crops and 51 minor fruit crops; 24 major vegetable crops, 13 exotic vegetables and 41 underutilized vegetable crops; 19 commercial flowers, 17 annuals, 61 ornamental shrubs, 10 ornamental climbers, 31 herbaceous perennials, bulbous ornamentals, aquatic ornamentals, house plants, ornamental palms and bromeliads, cacti and succulents, lawn grasses; 7 plantation crops; 6 major spices, seed spices and 4 tree spices and 14 medicinal and aromatic plants. It may be humbly claimed that this is the most comprehensive book on production of seed and planting material of horticultural crops and will be useful to teachers, students, scientists, nurserymen, landscape designer, planners, amateurs and professional gardeners and above all farmers. ..more

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Seeds, Bioregulants and Applied Plant Biotechnology
K. K.BoraKaran SinghArvind Kumar
The objective to the background of this publication has been to follow an equilibrated and realistically inter-disciplinary approach for enhancing productivity with sustainability. Hence, research papers and review articles have focused on certain vital aspects relating to productivity of crops and plants. Scientific information on practical aspects of osmoconditioning, thermoconditioning and invigoration of seeds for enhancing seed yield and quality have been documented alongwith dry permeation technique. Seed biological, phytohormonological and biotechnological aspects of crops like wheat, pea and other pulses, oilseed crops like groundnut and mustard, fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, ornamental plants, spices, MPT (multi-purpose trees) like neem are the subjects of some research papers and review articles. Emphasis on micropropagational biotechnology has been given to obtain virus-free seedlings of few plants. Scientists, teachers, scholars, scientific managers, planners and administrators who have their interests in botanical, forestal, environmental, biotechnological, seed physiological, seed pathological, horticultural aspects shall certainly be benefitted by the scientific information contained in this book. ..more

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Basics of Quality Seed Production
O. P. KhedarR.V. SinghS. S. Punia
The book provides basic knowledge about seed production. It covers Introduction about importance of seed and seed Act 1966, Quality seed production (including categories of seed; seed indents; factors affecting seed quality; maintenance of genetic purity  ..more

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Seed Production Technology in Field Crops
O. P. KhedarR.V. SinghY. K. SinsinwarVed Prakash
Present book “Seed Production Technology in Field Crops”, covers 15 chapters including Introduction of the crop; isolation and seed certification standards, climate, selection of seed plot, manure and fertilizer, field preparation, crop rotations, seed an ..more

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