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Non-Verbal Communication
M. Sinha
Communication is an integral part of our life. About 78 % of communication is non verbal. Only a small percentage comes from the actual words you say. The majority of our feelings and intentions are sent through nonverbal communication. Wordless messages or kinesics are the way we communicate by sending and receiving signals using body language, gestures, postures, proximity, haptics, and facial expressions. Your walking, standing and sitting says a lot about you. Your postures and other body language can give you away, so to speak. They speak volume, even if you don’t move an inch, standing with your arms crossing or sitting down with leg crossing. Gestures are the use of movements or signals to convey a message to another person. Proxemics is the physical distance between two people which can be correlated to the relationship they share be it personal or social. Haptics is the study of touching in nonverbal communication. When we say touching, we mean handshakes, holding hands, shoulder patting, kissing, “high-five”, brushing arm, gentle squeeze of hands or arms, brushing hair with one’s fingers, etc.Facial expressions are another form of nonverbal communication. It could be a cheerful smile, a silly grin or a frown. The book provides a valuable guidance to any individual who is keen or wants to know about non verbal communication. ..more

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Business Communication
R. Tiwari
Business communication is a vital skill for everyone in business today. This book offers readers a clear and comprehensive overview on how to communicate effectively for every business situation, from sensitive feedback to employees to persuasive communications for customers. It offers advice for improving writing skills, oral presentations, and one-on-one dealings with others. It also presents a clear, concise business communication guidelines and techniques, combining advanced technological resources with fundamentally sound strategies and practical, relevant examples. The chapters have been chosen with care to ensure that as wide a perspective is placed before the reader. They include: l Business Communication and Management l Communications and the Line Manager l Interpersonal Communication: One-on-One Designs l Organizational Communication l Managing Grammar in Organisational Communication l Verbal Communication l Nonverbal Communication l Reflexive Communication l Microskills for Reflexive Communication l Word Choice in Business Communication l Future and Emerging Business Communication Technologies l References l Index. The book will be of immense help not only to the students and teachers of Commerce but to businessmen as well. ..more

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Shabd, Sampreshan aur Sanskriti
Ravi Shrivastav
हिंदी हिंदी ..more

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Information and Communication Technology in Teaching Skills
Deepa Awasthi
This book titled ‘Information and Communication Technology in Teaching Skills’ is collection of 13 chapters and is divided in two sections. First section is termed as “ICT: Educators’ Perspective” includes seven chapters focusing on the role of ICT in teaching thinking skills, teachers’ perception and mindset towards use of ICT and use of ICT based tools in classrooms in interest of students, qualitative and quantitative impact of ICT in education, issues and challenges faced by distance education in making use of ICT, role of ICT in transforming the field of teachers’ education etc. Second section of the book termed as “ICT: Learners’ Perspective” includes six chapters covering vast areas of the field of education from learners point of view e.g. integration of technology in teaching learning process, present trends in use of ICT in distance education, use of e-libraries in modern day education, role of ICT in teaching disabled children and how ICT can transform the rural education. This book highlights the challenges, solutions, strategies, present status and prospects of use of ICT in Indian education system. The readers, who want to explore more about use of ICT in Education with an innovative approach, will find this book useful. I hope this book will certainly add new dimensions to their knowledge. ..more

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Bharat mein Sanchar Madhyamon ka Udbhav avem Vikas
Anjani Kumar Jha
HINDI ..more

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Advance Reporting and Editing
Anjani Kumar Jha
HINDI ..more

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Enhanching Communication Skills : Theory and Tasks
Yashwant Sharma
Teaching English in the global scenario is a challenging task as the needs of the youngsters who wish to pursue higher studies and get coveted jobs are not confined merely to acquire mastery over structures of English language but they yearn for learning use of English to perform several communicative functions. For acquiring a good command over English, role of methods and materials of teaching English is pivotal. However, one cannot rely on a particular method as the over-dependence on one method or one book cannot produce desired results. This book aims to help a teacher of English as an initiator, motivator and facilitator to fulfill the growing communicative needs in English as it provides with the theoretical framework for preparing classroom tasks and discusses the paradigm shift from teaching to learning along with the set of tasks for ready use which are learner centered. While using these tasks in the classroom, teachers of English are expected to make necessary changes in accordance with the need and level of learners. This academic venture will surely bridge the gap between the theory and practice and cater to the needs of teachers and students of Communicative English.  ..more

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