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Business and Management
R. KaushikU. KaushikS. Arora
If you want 10 days of happiness, grow grain. If you want 10 years of happiness, grow a tree and if you want 100 years of happiness, grow and manage people. Business Management is an essential task of each business organisation. It plays an important role in achieving the business objectives. This book covers the principle concepts of business management to provide students with a solid foundation for understanding the major issues. Business Management provides the essential insight necessary to understand and analyse the concepts, functions, techniques and principles of business management. Substantive coverage has been given to topics like planning, organising, leading, motivating and emerging challenges of management. The book describes all techniques of management after a detailed discussion of assumption and limitations of management. The main purpose of the book is to develop the knolwedge of the student regarding the subject matter. Contents : Business: Features and Scope of Business • Choice of Forms of Business Ownership • Nature and Significance of Management • Principles of Management • Planning • Decision Making • Organisation • Staffing • Leadership • Co-ordination • Directing • Motivation • Controlling • Communication • Schools of Management Thought • Authority • Bibliography ..more

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Functional Management
R. KaushikU. KaushikS. Arora
The functions of management uniquely describe managers jobs. The most commonly cited functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling, although some identify additional functions. The functions of management define the process of management as distinct from accounting, finance, marketing and other business functions. These functions provide a useful way of classifying information about management and most management text since the 1950’s have been organised around a functional framework. Functional Management is the best way to integrate this approach throughout an organization. Aimed at understanding and anticipating the needs of an organisation’s with present and future requirements this innovative book shows how functional management links people, process, technology to optimize and enterprise revenue and profits by first utilising the functions of an organisation. Contents include : Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Production Management, Material Management, Bibliography. The book will be useful for teachers and students of B.Com., BBA, BBM, MBA of different Indian Universities. ..more

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Advertising : Modern Concepts, Principles and Methods
R. K. Tailor
Advertising is the dissemination of information or views concerning an idea, product or service to induce action in accordance with the intent of the advertiser. It is an important tool of sales promotion. It is a non-personal presentation of an idea or a product or service. The main object of advertising is to promote idea about the products and services of a business organization. The book explains all the basic concepts of advertising after a detailed study of the subject matter. The language of the book is easy to understand that a layman may easily understand it. The book has been written in a lucid style that provides depth knowledge of the concept of advertising. The contents of the book are as under: •Introduction •Media of Advertising •Product Mix •Product Planning and Development •Product Life Cycle •Sales Promotion •Branding •Personal Selling •Consumer Behaviour •Service Marketing •Pricing. The book will be useful to the students of B.Com., BBA, BCA, MBA, BBM, PGDBM and M.Com. of various Indian Universities. ..more

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Modern Marketing Management
R. K. Tailor
Marketing is basic and important function of managerial process whereby the resources of the whole business organizations are utilized to satisfy the wants or needs of selected customer groups in order to achieve the objectives of both parties such as suppliers or producers and the consumers. It plays an important role in product promotion. In the present book all these topics of marketing such as marketing research, marketing communication, marketing environment, marketing channels, marketing control, advertising and public relations and targeting have been explained after a detailed study of the basic concepts, principles and the modern business environment. Specific chapters on Direct Marketing and Rural Marketing have been included in order to make this book more distinct and relevant, in the present day context. The book would be useful for students of B.Com., B.B.A., M.Com., M.B.A., PGDMM and marketing professionals. ..more

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Human Resource Management
R. KaushikU.KaushikS. Arora
Human Resource Management is one of the hot topics in business and information systems today. Human Resource Management is a business strategy that provides the enterprise with a complete, dependable and integrated view of its human resources. A noteable feature of the book is that it gives extensive coverage to Human Resource Development topics. The book contains a number of informative examples and diagrams. The book is primarily meant for students pursuing advance courses in Human Resource Management. Contents include : Concept of HRM, Human Resource Development, Human Resource Planning, Job Analysis, Recruitment, Selection, Placement and Induction, Training, Management Development, Trade Unions, Worker’s Participation in Management Performance Appraisal, Job Evaluation, Job Enrichment, Collective Bargaining, Grievance Handling, Morale, Team Development, Internal Mobility, Motivation, Human Resource Audit, Discipline and Human Resource Records and Research. ..more

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Secretarial Audit
N. P. AgarwalR. K. Tailor
Audit is an instrument of financial as well as physical control. Secretarial audit is a new branch of audit. In managing the affairs of a company, the management has to operate with internal rules and regulations as well as external laws mainly regulated by the Government. While performing the business, the company has to keep in mind all the rules and regulations relating to the Companies Act 1956, the Income Tax Act, 1961, various Labour Laws, Factories Act, Environmental and Pollution related Act and also various other Acts related to the safety and maintenance of law and order. In secretarial audit, the auditor has to examine whether all these regulatory requirements are being fulfilled or not by a company. In the present book an effort has been made to critically explain the fundamentals of secretarial audit. The contents include : · Introduction · Management Audit · Cost Audit · Environmental Auditing · Audit U/S 227 (4A) · Value Added Analysis · Bibliography The book is an attempt to provide a systematic study of secretarial audit in a lucid style. Teachers and students of B.Com., M.Com., C.A., C.S., I.C.W.A. and Law will find the book equally useful. ..more

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Rural Development in India
P. Gopinandhan Pillai
India had reached a turning point in its long and arduous struggle for socio-economic development. In the 21st century India continues to live in villages. This make it obvious that any process of planning and development in India can hardly succeed without transferring its rural society. The approach to successive five year plans envisages ‘growth, equity, social justice, self-reliance, improved efficiency and productivity as its guiding principles. As a strategy to achieve these objectives, it calls for a ‘sharper focus on employment generation and poverty alleviation’ through rural development programmes. It is believed that provision of productive employment will help people to stand on their own feet and work with self-confidence and self-respect which will in turn help in people’s participation in developmental tasks. It is felt that information, education and training can play a critical role in creating awareness among the beneficiaries, equipping them with skills required in the process of being able to sustain their own upgradation and inculcating an attitude wherein they view themselves as part and planners of rural development programme. The book attempts to give the philosophy, policy and programme intervention for rural development in India. The book divided into seventeen chapters, which covers Freire’s and Gandhian philosophy on rural development, Swarnanayanti Gramsarozgar Yojana, Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana, People’s Campaign for 9th Plan, NGOs in rural development, Literacy, post-literacy and continuing education for rural development, Universities and rural development, Nehruyavakendras, Etension, TRYSEM, ICDS, Self-Help Groups and Community, Polytechnics for rural training. The book will prove to be of immense interest and invaluable reading or social scientists, planners, policy makers, rural administrators, NGOs alongwith students and teachers of sociology, Rural Development, Economics, Social Work, Home Science, Adult Continuing Education and Extension. ..more

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Principles of Financial Management
N. P. AgarwalR. K. Tailor
Financial management is the activity which is concerned with the acquisition and administration of capital funds in meeting the financial needs and overall objective of business enterprises. The financial need is fulfilled by appropriate finance. Thus, finance is treated as a life blood of business. The subject-matter of financial management is changing at a rapid pace and it has acquired a critical significance due to increasing business and development of national and international economic activities. In the present book, more important techniques of financial management such as working capital management, leverage analysis, capital budgeting, ratio analysis and cost of capital, etc. have been explained after a detailed discussion of concepts and techniques of subject-matter. All these techniques have been explained in a simple and lucid language along with charts, tables and figures. The book will be useful to the teachers and students of B.Com., B.B.A., B.B.M., M.Com., M.B.A., C.A., C.S., I.C.W.A. of different Indian Universities. ..more

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Principles of Business Finance
N. P. AgarwalR. K. Tailor
Business finance is an essential part of life. It plays a vital role in business as well as human life. Each activity either business or human life is based on finance. Therefore, it is considered as a life blood of business. Generally, business finance is the study of financial management of enterprises being run with the prime objective of earning profit. In the present book all the elements of business finance such as fund flow statement; capital structure, financial statement analysis and long-term investment decisions have been discussed after a detailed study of assumptions and principles of business finance. For an exhaustive study, we have used a simple language which is easy to understand the basic concepts and principles of business finance. Charts, figures and diagrams have also being included for easy understanding. Contents · Long-term Investment Decisions · Funds Flow Statement · Cash Flow Statement · Capital Structure & Cost of Capital · Social and Human Aspects of Business Finance · Financial Statement Analysis · Bibliography The book will be useful for teachers and students of B.Com., BBA, BBM, MBA of different Indian Universities. ..more

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Principles and Practice of Management
Upendra KaushikSmita Bhatnagar
This book entitled ‘Principles and Practice of Management’ is an attempt on the part of authors to provide the knowledge of management to all types of readers. As management is needed not only for economic activities but for day-to-day activities also. The book is divided into twelve chapters covering Nature and Significance of Management, Principles of Management, Business Environment, Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, Controlling, Financial Management, Financial Markets, Marketing and Consumer Protection. The beginners will feel that subject matter is presented in a simple and self explanatory manner. For better understanding diagrams, tables and examples at different stages have been included. The book will be useful for the teachers and the students of B.Com., BBA, BBM and BMS of different Indian Universities. ..more

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Human Resource Development
Mausam SinhaRitu Saxena
Many organizations in India are now threatened with manpower obsolescence. To withstand this, HRD activities have now received prime importance. For any dynamic growth-oriented organization to survive in a fast changing environment, HRD activities play a very crucial role. The need for HRD arises out of the development objectives of the organization. No organization can grow and survive without the growth and development of its people. This book “Human Resource Development” gives a clear understanding of various facts related to Human resource and their development. This book is for the students of post graduation but this is useful for a common man also who is not well known to the concept of human resource and its development. The book is divided in eight chapters and every chapter is supplemented with review questions for better understanding of the subject and helps in quick revision. Each chapter provides an understanding of the human resource in the complex dynamic environment of today. The whole subject matter has been presented in simple language and lucid style. The presentation of each chapter is more logical, starting with basic issues of each topic and then moving on to refined matters. This book begins with the chapter which deals with the Human Resource aspect. The first chapter covers the topic like Human Resource; Importance of Human Resource in Organization, etc. and a brief concept of Development are also given. Then further chapter covers the concept, mechanism, need and evolution of Human Resource Development. Subsequent chapter are on personality talks about the meaning and concept of personality, personality pattern, molding personality pattern, evaluation of personality, etc. Next half of the book covers the training and development aspect. This part covers almost each sphere of training in detail. Further chapters deals with the different stages of the training process like TNA, designing training progammes and evaluation of training. ..more

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