Table of Contents of the Book: 978-81-7910-385-2

Chapter 1 describes the basic and detailed concept of personality and self.
Chapter 2 deals with the body language at work place as well as the role of body language at the time of interview.
Chapter 3 looks at the Stress management at work place. The causes and symptoms of stress are well explained.
Interview Skills along with its preparations, tips & types etc. are given in Chapter 4.
Chapter 5 shows the way to leaders to lead a team by knowing the general concept of Leadership.
Introduction of Motivation with its process, features, importance etc. are described in Chapter 6 whereas
Chapter 7 refers to role of communication skills within the organizations.
Chapter 8 emphasizes upon the interpersonal behavior within the Organization.
Chapter 9 discusses about the knowledge management with its perspectives, elements.
Chapter 10 is having the detailed account on Emotional intelligence of the individuals.
Chapter 11 involves the discussion upon the Attitude and Perception of individuals.
Chapter 12 gives the information about Organizational Change along with forces for it.
Chapter 13 tells the importance of Time Management for the efficient and effective working.