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Pointer Publishers was established in 1986 and since then has earned a name in the production and supply of books for college and institutional libraries. We have published more than 1000 titles on diverse subjects for the Agriculture, Computer, Litterature, Education, Humanities, Arts, Politics, Science and Commerce streams.

  Education and Related Subjects  

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Information and Communication Technology in Teaching Skills
Deepa Awasthi
This book titled ‘Information and Communication Technology in Teaching Skills’ is collection of 13 chapters and is divided in two sections. First section is termed as “ICT: Educators’ Perspective” includes seven chapters focusing on the role of ICT in teaching thinking skills, teachers’ perception and mindset towards use of ICT and use of ICT based tools in classrooms in interest of students, qualitative and quantitative impact of ICT in education, issues and challenges faced by distance education in making use of ICT, role of ICT in transforming the field of teachers’ education etc. Second section of the book termed as “ICT: Learners’ Perspective” includes six chapters covering vast areas of the field of education from learners point of view e.g. integration of technology in teaching learning process, present trends in use of ICT in distance education, use of e-libraries in modern day education, role of ICT in teaching disabled children and how ICT can transform the rural education. This book highlights the challenges, solutions, strategies, present status and prospects of use of ICT in Indian education system. The readers, who want to explore more about use of ICT in Education with an innovative approach, will find this book useful. I hope this book will certainly add new dimensions to their knowledge. ..more

  POLITICAL SCIENCE and Related Subjects  

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National Security and Global Strategic Issues
N. C. AsthanaAnjali Nirmal
This book is a MUST READ for students pursuing a master’s/bachelor’s degree in military science or defence and strategic studies and for competitive examinations of various Public Service Commissions and UGC etc. The entire syllabus has been meticulously condensed in this book and its companion volume. Read it and we guarantee; you will not have to touch any other book. Condensing the entire syllabus in just two books is a marvel by the authors of 35 books. Exhaustive discussions on the following subjects and much more: Part 1 ‘Global Strategic Issues’: Theories of peace and conflict; causes of war; terrorism; Cold War; arms race and arms control; nuclear strategies and theories of deterrence; Soviet and Chinese strategies; peacekeeping and peace-building; defence from ballistic missiles and other WMDs; etc. Part 2 ‘National Power and National Security’: Theories of nation-states and national power; national security and collective security; alliances and the non-aligned movement; and defence cooperation; etc. Part 3 ‘India’s National Security’: India’s relations with her neighbours and great powers; conflict and cooperation in the South Asian Region; military strategies, nuclear program and policies of India and Pakistan; India’s maritime strategy; and India’s internal security concerns; etc. Part 4 ‘Defence Economics, Planning and Production’: Economic basis of military power; war-financing; post-war reconstruction; India’s defence budgeting and production; and defence procurement procedure; etc. Part 5 ‘India’s Higher Defence Organization’: national security council; cabinet committee on security; ministry of defence and its departments; and the Kargil Review Committee Report, etc. The book gives you: point-wise knowledge at your fingertips; easy to understand and remember; most lucidly explained; simple language; all clarity and no confusion. Concise yet exhaustive; rigorous yet lucid; simple yet accurate; this is the ultimate book on defence & strategic studies.  ..more

  Agriculture and Related Subjects  

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Protected Cultivation of Ornamental Plants
L. C. De
With the increase demand of flowers, floriculture has become one of the important commercial trades in Indian Agriculture. Therefore, commercial floriculture has emerged as high–tech activity taking place under controlled environment inside greenhouses. Indian floriculture is now viewed as a high growth industry. The liberization of industrial and trade policies paved the way for development of export oriented floriculture. Floral industry is a highly dynamic industry. Products, varieties, the origin of production, production technologies, markets and retailing systems are all undergoing continuous change and challenging the adaptive capacity of the factors involved. In a slowly but steadily growing world market new developing country exporters are increasing market share at the expense of existing producers. These producers try to remain ahead by increasing productivity and through diversification and innovation. This book will make people aware of the potential of ornamental plants from all angles and to explore the possibilities to develop new vistas for floriculture based industries.The book is written with 21 independent chapters. Almost all the commercially important ornamental plants cultivated under protected condition in different parts of the world have found a place in this publication. In an introductory chapter on protected cultivation of horticultural crops including ornamental plants has been made to provide useful and complete information on scenario of domestic and international flower trade. Seven interesting chapters on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Conservation of Ornamental Plants, Physiology and Biochemistry of Ornamental Crops, Protected Structures and Tools, Growing Media and its Use on Ornamental Crops, IPM on Orchids and Raising of Flower Nursery under Protected Structures are discussed in useful way. Protected cultivation of rose, orchids, gerbera, chrysanthemum, carnation, bulbous ornamentals, indoor plants, anthurium, cacti and succulents, seasonal annuals, herbaceous perennials and medicinal plants are enumerated in detail. Chapter on Nutrient and Water Management of Ornamental Crops under Protected Cultivation adds value to the book. It may be humbly claimed that this is the first most comprehensive book of its kind on Protected Cultivation of Ornamental Plants. The book will be useful to teachers, students, scientists, nurserymen, landscape designers, planners, amateur and professional gardeners, florists and above all progressive flower growers. ..more

  Environment and Related Subjects  

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Water Pollution : Assessment, Modelling and Management
Asha Gupta
Rapid population growth, increasing urbanization, industrialization, commercial and residential developments and intensive agricultural practices have resulted in increase in production of domestic and industrial sewage, agricultural runoff, fertilizers and insecticides leading to the degradation of surface and groundwater quality adversely affecting human health and the natural environment. Once contaminated it becomes necessary to regularly monitor the quality of water and to devise ways and means to protect and manage it for ensuring better livelihoods and sustainable development. Specific contaminants leading to pollution in water include a range of of chemicals, pathogens, and physical changes such as elevated temperature. Problems caused by the increase of pollutant loads discharged into natural water bodies require regulation based on assessment of scientific results that relate pollutant discharge with changes in water quality. Understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of a wide range of issues including the physical processes of mixing and dilution, chemical and biological processes, data acquisition and measurement, involved in water quality modelling help in taking appropriate management decisions. The book covers variety of topics viz., Water pollution : sources effects and control; Adverse performance of hydropower projects due to chemical nature of water; Ecological stress on the diversity of aquatic flora and fauna; Toxicity of ammonium perchlorate waste water fish Tilapia massambica; Toxicity of chlorinated pesticides on vital organs of fish Puntius tiato; Impact of heavy metal contamination of industrial waste water on cultivated vegetables; Distribution of heavy metals in lake sediments; Rate of reparian vegetation in pollution abatement, Water equality analysis of community ponds; Comparative assessment of ground water; Effects of elevated temperatures on phytoplankton population, Environmetric models in the assessment of surface water quality; Investigation on the physico chemical parameters of tropical river; Ground water arsenic contamination; application of mathematical models in aquatic pollution assessment. Chapter on affect of carbon sources on the biomass build-up and degradation of rubber processing industing effluent have added value to the book. Thus the book provides a glimpse of water pollution studies involving assessment of a wide range of data and interdisciplinary processes so as to apply for more efficient methods of water pollution modelling and management.  ..more